A Drop of Pearl Heaven


As we grow up, to most, understanding and having the knowledge on gems such as pearls and diamonds, does not really matter and we do not give it as much importance compared to other things in this life. This may be because we do not see the true value of having such knowledge. Knowing the difference between a south sea pearl and a freshwater pearl, could ensure that you never get ripped off from sellers who are in the business for the purpose of money and not because they want to see their customers smile. It could also mean the difference between giving the perfect gift or a cheap knock off.

Pearls are extremely valuable. Going back to the 13th Century, only members who were part of the royal family, were allowed to wear pearls. They would even wear them to sleep so when they awoke, it would serve as a reminder of how wealthy they were. 

They are the only living gem that is made naturally in the ocean. Coming from the inside of the shell of an oyster, it takes years and years before a pearl can be formed. To make a pearl necklace of good quality takes an even longer length of time.

They hold a lot of potential. Pearls are not only used as jewellery, they can be used in cosmetics, cutlery, glasses and crafts.

To tell the difference between a natural pearl and a cultured pearl, if you put the pearl to your teeth, you will feel how rough or smooth it is. if it is rough, it is natural, if it is smooth, it is cultured.

I hope these little facts were helpful and will help you when you decide to shop for that special someone around Christmas.




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