Heartbreak 101


You’ve probably wondered by now why the act of feeling infatuation or affection for someone, is called having a ‘crush‘. There isn’t an exact story of how it came to be used, but everyone has their own explanations. Some think it may have been a variation of ‘mash‘, which derived from the Roman word, ‘masherava‘, which meant head over heels in love. While, to others it’s called a crush because that’s how you feel when they don’t feel the same way in return.

Love isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. You’ll have your downward slopes, but know that there are always going to be people who will be with you throughout the break ups and rejections.

Step 1. Call a friend and cry your eyes out. Go to someone you trust, who makes you happy. They’ll be there to listen to your cries and comfort your broken heart. Their number one priority will be to make you smile again.

Step 2. Break out the ice cream, chocolate and sappy romantic comedies, and take all the time you need. They will be your new best friends as you grieve. Don’t care about what anyone else thinks, because you deserve this treat. If you’re lucky enough, your trusted friends will be there to join in as well.

Step 3. Put it in a box and throw it away. Having the stuff that reminds you of them, will make it difficult for you to move on. Get rid of it. You don’t need that negativity. Life is short, don’t waste it on things that make you unhappy.

Step 4. Get back out there and make yourself busy. Put on that new make up and be excited to show off your new look . Make new goals, explore the places you haven’t been, do what you need to do to get your mind off your sadness. It will all just be a blurred memory soon enough.

Step 5. Believe in love again. Living in a world without love is unimaginable. It is everywhere, even in ways that we don’t realise. It’s giving someone an umbrella when it’s raining, or telling them to be careful as they leave the house. Life would be awfully lonely without love.


At Pacific Pearls International, we encourage you to express your true love to those you care about. Give that special someone a pearl pendant or a twinkling pearl ring. Remind them of how much they really mean to you. We care about the 100% satisfaction of our customers and that they receive nothing less than only the best. They also make for great cheering up gifts when you’re down. The road to happiness is a click away:



Universal Love Story


At five years old you watched your kid shows, falling in love with the characters, the songs and pretty much anything that was bright and colourful. At ten years old, you felt confused when you started to feel a new, strange sort of happiness for the handsome boy in your class. At fifteen years old, you rocked out to your favourite boybands, blasting your music to full volume as you imagined they were singing specifically to you and about you. At twenty years old, those college boys begged for your attention, helping you to understand what qualities you looked for. At twenty five years old, you realised that what you’ve been looking for has been right under your nose the entire time in the shape of your best friend. Finally at thirty years old, you learned that first love never dies, but true love can bury it alive.

Everyone hopes for that cliché love story where you find your prince and live happily ever after, but that’s not always the case. Your story is unique and all your own. It might take a few turns to get it right, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you get to say, “I Do.” Don’t copy those other princesses. Make those younger girls idolise you, all the more being their role model for when their turn comes.

Match your unique love story with a new set of pearl jewellery. There is nothing that will make you feel more like a princess on your special day, than a dazzling pearl necklace.  Pearls symbolise spirituality and love and can enhance any woman’s look as if she were a bright star on a clear night’s sky.

Pacific Pearls International offers a wide collection of pearl jewellery, all selling at competitive prices. A gem from the ocean, a natural gift for true love. We guarantee that that our products are 100% genuine and are of the best quality.SB012__09806.1429772801.220.220

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The Mickey to Her Minnie


Popeye and Olive. Arnold and Helga. Mario and Princess Peach. What do all of these have in common? Besides being cartoon characters, they are all love teams we grew up watching on television.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would watch cartoons and see how sweet the main characters would be with each other? They would wink at the other and have hearts for eyes. Their smiles reached the stars and their moods would be as bright and glowing as the Sun. Everything seemed so simple back then. You sat on the floor eating your snacks, while you daydreamed about the day you would one day feel and look that happy.

As you grew older, you realised that life wasn’t a cartoon and everything wasn’t as simple as you saw on the screen. But why does it have to be so complicated? If some fictional characters can make it look easy, why can’t you? All they did was give their loved one a flower or a kiss on the cheek and the other would be beaming. How much more happier would they be if you gave them a symbol of your love and appreciation.

Pearls are the perfect way to express to someone how much they mean to you. They are nature’s water gift to us and shine as brightly as the moon on a cloudless night. Back in the day, pearls were only exclusively worn by royalty, because of how rare and precious they were. Why not grab the chance to get some now, while they’re still available? A simple pearl necklace or a gorgeous bracelet, can go a long way in a relationship. It may even be the start of a family heirloom that’s passed down through generations.

Pearls are ageless, withstanding the tests of time. However, should the pearls you purchase at Pacific Pearls International, ever become damaged or affected, each pearl product we sell, comes with a lifetime repair warranty, all for the satisfaction of our customers.

Recreate your favourite cartoon love story and turn it into a reality. There’s no better time than the present to do so.




All the Languages of Love


I love you. Wo ai ni. Mahal kita. Je t’aime. Ich liebe dich. Ti amo. Saya cinta padamu. 143. No matter what language you say it in or how you say it, every woman wants to hear those three magic words: I. Love. You.

Imagine that special moment after all of those dates and the photos you’ve taken and all the memories you’ve shared together, the time comes when you really want to tell her about how you truly feel about them. You love having them around and don’t know what you’d do without them in your life, and you think you’re ready to finally admit that you love them, when surprise! They feel the same about you. Doesn’t it make you feel all happy and relieved at the same time? Although, it seems like this moment is missing something. Think about how much happier she would be in this scenario if you presented her with a beautiful pearl pendant. it would take her over the moon.

Pearls symbolise wealth, spirituality and most importantly, love. They are the only type of gem made naturally in the water and are ageless. It takes multiple years to create a single pearl, each one coming out in its own unique and beautiful way. As Coco Chanel quoted, “You see the jewellery, before the person underneath.” They are a necessity in every woman’s jewellery box. Not only will it make her happy, it will make her look irresistible.

At Pacific Pearls International, our number one goal is to provide excellent service to you, making sure that true love is the main focus throughout your entire buying experience. We offer nothing less but the best quality pearls at very competitive prices and we assure you, that if you are not 100% satisfied with your order, you can send it back to us in the condition you received it, and get your money back within 30 days, guaranteed. Send your special someone some love now. There are so many ways to show and tell her.



Face Your Fears


A lot of people are scared when it comes to jewellery buying. What does karat mean? Why are the diamonds so small? Which one will she like?  What’s with all the coloured gems and what are their names? Like everything else, when we’re unfamiliar with something, our first instinct is to run as far away from it as possible. Although jewellery buying has become a lot easier over the years. This is especially true when it comes to pearl jewellery buying.

Pacific Pearls International is a professional pearl jewellery company that focuses on the quality and service of our jewellery. We ensure that the products we sell are thoroughly checked to be of top quality. We value our customers and will strive to make them happy at all costs, promoting that our jewellery is for true love.

You might be asking, ‘so what? What’s different about pearls than buying any other random old gift?’ Well, pearls are a natural ocean gift compared to all the other gems you see. It is their natural beauty that makes people fall in love with them. Also, unlike a bag or a new phone, you can keep pearls to pass down to generations after you. It can be kept as a treasured memory, triggering happy moments and experiences along the way.

Still not convinced? At Pacific Pearls International, we offer a 30 day money back guaranteed refund, for any purchase that is unsatisfactory to you. Send the product back to us as you received it and we will completely refund your money. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, our products also come with a lifetime repair warranty, meaning, if it ever becomes damaged, you can always send it to us for free repairs, for as long as you want to keep it.

It’s easier than you think. So, don’t be threatened by pearl jewellery anymore. Use this link to help you get started.



Do You Vote Yes or No?


In a recent national poll in Australia, we were asked to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Same Sex Marriage. Although everyone has their own opinions on the matter, I say that there is something we should rather focus on. Love. Should we say yes or no to it? Love is defined by some as a strong feeling of affection. Other people disagree and in the words of Winnie the Pooh, “You don’t spell it. You feel it.” Despite the various definitions however, love can be expressed and seen in many different forms.

The family playing in the park. An elderly couple taking a stroll on the beach. Twin siblings congratulating each other on graduating from high school. They all share one thing in common and that is love. Have you ever noticed how just the mere mention of it, makes you feel happy and warm? Showing someone that you love them, can easily brighten up anyone’s day.

Here at Pacific Pearls International, we care about our customers and show them that we value them. By selling the best quality pearl jewellery, we ensure that our customers are buying gifts that will remind the special people in their lives, how much they love and cherish them. Pearls in itself are an act of love from nature. These precious water gems are a perfect way to send across your love. Spread the joy and happiness today. Surprise someone with a beautiful pearl necklace or maybe a gorgeous ring. Say yes to LOVE!